Specialized radio receiver/transmitter

Specialized radio receiver/transmitter include:

  • Hidden receiver/transmitter devices: Video and sound recorder hidden in meeting room, body-worn cameras, wall ear sound listener, chink through video surveillance device, … applied for secret crime surveillance.
  • Detectaphone, fax/internet checking devices: Checking information transmitted via phone/fax line and internet applied for watching of spy, IT crime, reactionary.
  • Radio wave, spectrum analytics devices: Receive and analyze radio waves incidentally to find out encoded information.
  • Mobile wave analytics devices: Tracking information communicated via telephones including conversation, SMS, SIM number, … applied for crime tracking in every field wherever needed.
  • Electronic bugs tracking devices: Finding electronic bugs on telephone line, electric cable, network cable, radio bugs (hidden bugs to transmit sound, video, database) applied for anti hidden sound and video recorder.
  • Special communication devices for military: Walkie-talkie use in short range (30 - 88Hz), long range, 50w, able to resist jammers, encode information against bugs, allow using in multi-terrains or installing in army vehicles.


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