Mobile command vehicle

We coordinate with Frontline Communications (USA) in the system integration and production of Mobile command vehicle. In particular we:

  • Specifying of customer requirements, consulting system integration solutions.
  • Select the configuration of command vehicles, the electronic security equipment installed on vehicle to serve combat requirements.
  • Installation of equipment on the vehicle, operation and testing prior to ex-work.
  • Shipping, import, local assembly, operation, hand-over, training and instruction, offering warranty to customers.

A mobile command vehicle includes:

  • Chassis: choose chassis depending on customer requirements and use purpose.
  • Electrical system: power generator, lighting, power distribution panel, back-up power supply, air conditioning.
  • Telescopic mast: 10 - 17m in height, able to be extended and nested.
  • Camera system: mast-mounted camera viewing wide area, night-vision infrared cameras, roof-mounted camera protecting area around the vehicle, portable wireless cameras in a radius around the vehicle 1,5 km, wireless IP camera quick deployment.
  • Long-range wireless transmitter/receiver, 50 km, COFDM digital technology: transmitting video/audio from the mobile command vehicle to command center.
  • Other equipment: Control keyboard, Digital Video Recorder, LCD Display.
  • Option: Satellite receiver, videoconferencing system between mobile command vehicle and command center, long-range camera of 10km, utility equipment for combat operation in remote provinces away from command center for long time of 1 or 3 months.


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