Supplying of Specialized Utility Systems

To respond to the ever-increasing demands of safety protection, we always take a good care of the training of our engineers who studies about the equipment and system in the areas of criminal investigation, riot attack and anti-terrorism, public security protection and national defense.

We carry out research projects on and provide following equipment:

  • Covert audio/video transmitter & receiver, Special communication equipment.
  • Bombs, mines, explosives, narcotics, and toxic chemicals detectors and disposal equipment.
  • Mobile command vehicle, bullet-proof and armoured vehicle, specialized truck & carrier.
  • Equipment and facilities for police task force or military in emergencies.
  • Other special security protection systems.

1. tt chi huyCommand Centre

We study, design, supply, install, and create operating procedures and organize training workshops about the Command Center, which is utilized in traffic monitoring, transport, emergencies, fire fighting and rescue commands.

xe chi huy tac chienMobile command vehicle

Equipped with long-range cameras, wireless radio transmitter and many other supporting equipment, the Mobile Command Vehicle is widely used in the operation of security, public order and other emergencies.

thiet bi do tim chat no[1]Explosive, drug, metal detector

A human alternate to accessing dangerous sites or opening and removal of explosive-laden gift boxes and bomb-rigged suitcases. The equipment also help to detect and remove underground explosive substances in military zones.

thiet bi thu phat2Specialized radio receiver/transmitter

Comprises of remote audio/video gadgets, wireless sound wave receivers and analyzers, telephone/fax/internet wiretappers, mobile phone sound wave analyzers, and bug detectors, especially useful in the public security, national defence, anti-espionage, and economic crimes.

tbi cho canh sat, qdoiSpecialized gadgets for police and military use

Reserved for special task force police in riot attacking, demonstration dispersing, hostages rescue and criminal interception.

xe dodge 2Other security protection systems

Additionally, we also supply specialized gadgets and machinery for transportation, rescue, fire fighting, riot attack and explosive substance removal.


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