Stratos-Micra 25, 100 and Stratos-HSSD 2

  General Features

Unlike HART XL, HART MINI which take and analyze air sample in a volume of room, Stratos-Micra 25, 100 and Stratos-HSSD 2 allows to design air sampling pipe and holes at the point near the equipment such as air conditioning, rack equipment, UPS and Battery. This allows to determine accurate position may cause early fire.

  • Ultra small low cost aspirating smoke detector for easy and discreet installation.
  • High sensitivity provided by laser based forward light scatter for reliable early warning.
  • Sensitivity adjustable from 0.002%Obs/m to 25%Obs/m.
  • Unique ClassiFire-3D® Perceptive Artificial Intelligence System.
  • Laser Dust Discrimination (LDD) with a patented dust management and separator system.
  • RS485 communications built in as standard for networking up to 127 detector per loop.
  • SenseNET software manages16 loops, up to 2032 detector.
  • Interface with Fire Alarm System, BMS.
  • Control the fire protection system such FM-200, NOVEC™1230.

 Stratos-Micra 25, 100 và Stratos-HSSD 2


Stratos - Micra 25

stratos micra25Single sampling pipe (D=15 - 25mm) up to 25m in length (moving air) and 50m in length (still air). Operation status displays on LED.

Stratos - Micra 100

stratos micra100Single sampling pipe (D=15 - 25mm) up to 50m in length (moving air) and 100m in length (still air). Operation status displays on LED

Stratos - HSSD 2

stratos hssd24 sampling pipes (D=15 - 25mm) up to 250m maximum total length, maximum single pipe up to 100m in length. Stratos-HSSD 2 has some types: LED display, LCD display, with command module.

Stratos - EX

senator exSimilar to Stratos-Micra 25 but used in explosion proof environment, meet ATEX ated EExd IIB + H2T3. Equipment group 2 (zones 1, 2 and 3). Group Gases A and B + Hydrogen.

Command Module

senator comman modulCommand module is the LCD display, control, communication with all Stratos-Micra 25, 100 and Stratos-HSSD 2 via RS485 network. Each Command Module can manage 127 Stratos, communicate with SenseNET software, control fire suppression system, interface with fire alarm and BMS.

Remote Display Unit (RDU)

senator dktx rduCRDU mimics the status of Stratos visually. It includes 26 levels of warning: fault, pre-alarm, Fire 1 alarm, Fire 2 alarm. RDU can connect and display separately for each Stratos or connect to RS485 network indicating the entire system. Communicating with software SenseNET.


senator pmql

As a PC graphics system SenseNET™ is a Windows® based program that provides central management and monitoring of up to 16 loops, each of up to 127 Stratos. The SenseNET™ PC interface with Stratos network by RS485 - RS232 converter or RS485 - TIC/IP converter for remote control through LAN/WAN/Internet.

  • Real-time indication of alarms /definable sound files.
  • Displays maps with specific instructions.
  • Remote configuration of Stratos detector and entire system.
  • SiteAudit™ logs all events in real time.
  • SiteMail™ and SitePage™ for automatic email/text alarm alerts.

Mạng SenseNET & Phần mềm quản lý - Pc Graphical Managerment Software

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