Solution and Application

Depending on the scale of the sites that fire alarm system is designed, equipped to meet the requirements and to save costs, to be reasonable and highly effective. In addition to the civil, commercial, fire alarm system will be exclusively designed for specialized applications such as data center and clean room, oil and gas industry, underground transport, power plant,...

For small projects (factory, workshop, villa):

kimberly[1]The conventional Fire Alarm Panel is suitable for small projects because there is no need to specify the exact location of fire detectors while ensuring to determine the fire alarm zone and perform the fire fighting plan. This system is low cost, and ensure to detect efficiently the fire.

For mid-scale projects (small hotel, warehouses, factory, office building, hospital, school, shopping center, museum, theater):

truong quoc teThe features of the projects are mid-scale and have several rooms and separate functional areas, so the 1 or 2-loop intelligent addressable is ideal and reasonable solution. Building manager will identify the exact location of fire alarm to extinguish the fire promptly. Furthermore, installation of additional annunciator in the remote location will enhance alarm monitoring capabilities.

For large-scale projects (hotel, high-rise, complex consisting of commercial center and utility services in senior housing, airports, combined power plants, oil refineries, traffic tunnel):

nha may dienThe 10-loop Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Panel is ideal for the above mentioned projects, and several panel are connected to create the token-ring network. The Fire System also has the automatic logic control program or interface with fire pump, water sprinkler, foam system, FM200, elevator, HVAC, BMS…

On the other hand, the fire management software will simplify the operation and usage of the system. Each floor has fire protection plan which indicates the exact location of the addressable detectors and modules on the PC graphical display.

For the specific areas:

img 0017 copyData centers, clean rooms in medical, laboratory, museum, high-value goods: using HSSD (High sensitive smoke detector) for early warning and cross-zone to control the fire suppression system such as FM200, Novec1230.

duong ong thong gio (160x90)HVAC (Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning): using the Duct Smoke Detector to analyze the air sample in the duct system.
trung tam hn (160x90)Warehouse areas, meeting rooms, conference center,... which have the open spaces and high ceilings: using the projected beam smoke detector to scan the space between floor and high ceiling by infrared. This is more effective than the conventional smoke and heat detector.
duong ong dan khi (160x90)Oil refineries, oil and gas storage tanks and compressed air, gas pipelines: using UV-IR Flame Detector to detect ultraviolet, infrared radiation and combining gas leakage detector to enhance fire and explosion alarm. The detector must have explosion proof specifications depending on the warning levels.
bon chua dauCable tunnels and truning, fuel tank, traffic tunnel, large indoor parking lot, the production line conveyor, inventory rack: using the linear heat detection cable which is run into the inaccessible position if installing conventional heat and smoke detector.
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