Security Solutions For Shopping Centers

Shopping centers, supermarkets or hypermarkets are often gathered by many visitors, shoppers as well as the staffs themselves. With the features of large premises, plenty of goods and category, protection and prevention of people and properties against risks of fire, intrusion, robbery become more difficult. Besides, these businesses have to face shoplifting, fraud which may occur inside and outside the shopping centers including warehouse, shopping area, point of sale, parking area… Shoplifting and fraud are also caused by customers and the staffs, and order to settle the loss every year the shopping centers, supermarkets or hypermarkets estimate a level of shrinkage that increases unexpected cost.

An integrated security system designed by professionals will meet these above concerns and can improve retailers' business efficiencies. Cameras with high resolution will be installed at key position such as point of sale, shopping area, parking area... and DVRs are set by modes of continued recording/event recording/motion recording; remote monitoring software allows improving efficiency in security management; access control system can help establish clearly defined access zones in warehouses, loading bays, storage rooms ensuring only authorized personnel are allowed access at the specific times and any unauthorized access attempts will trigger an alarm that will be captured by the cameras and then recorded onto the video management system…

With an integrated solution we can provide a proven application for your unique retail requirements.

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