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HSSD® (High Sensitive Smoke Detector) was developed by Kidde Fire Protection (UK) since 1988, is the first smoke detector system in the world using technology analyzes the air element by laser, capable of detecting fires and warning that appears at the initial signs of combustion, to help people have time to process, minimize the damage caused by fire.

  Operational Principle


Most fires start with the over-heat. In the earliest possible stages of a fire, smoke elements are released when the heating starts, the molecules can hardly be detected by optical smoke detector, heat detector or ionization smoke detector.

With the principle of analyzing air particles by laser, HSSD® can achieve 1000 times higher sensitivity than conventional smoke detector, sensitivity selection from 0.0025% to 1% obscuration/m if compared with the smoke detector 5% obs/m.

The HSSD detector draws air from the protected area using an aspirating fan which is housed in the detection unit. The pipe network contains sampling holes at predetermined locations along the pipe network through which the air is drawn. The smoke particles pass through a focused laser beam and scattered light from individual particles is picked up by a photodiode sensor and converted to an electrical pulse. The pulse rate is electronically counted and measured against alert and alarm thresholds (sensitivity selection from 0.0025% to 1% obscuration/m). The output signals are processed and presented on an LCD display.

Interface Capability: HSSD can also be integrated into the main fire protection system such FM-200, NOVEC™1230, providing the first stage alert in an alarm organization, the final stage of which could be suppressant release. There are major benefits from a very early indication of incipient fire. The problem can be dealt with through local corrective measures such as powering down equipment or the use of hand extinguishers, avoiding unnecessary evacuation or suppressant release.

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HSSD® system is used for the areas that require very early smoke detection and handling of fire, the environment in which traditional smoke detector can not detect smoke, the specific areas having valuable assets such as:

  • Computer Center, power supply, Internet management equipment.
  • Airport control tower, the subway control room.
  • Commercial center, theaters, museums.
  • Telecommunication, television broadcast facilities.
  • Laboratory, clean room.
  • Warehouses, cold storage.
  • Generator room.


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