Fire Detector

do khoi ion 1

Ionization Smoke Detector

The activity of ionization smoke detector is based on the principle of ionizing the air molecules to create electric current inside the detector. When a fire incident, the smoke molecules will bind to the ions, making the movement speed of the ions decreases, leading to reduced electrical current. At that time, the detector will trigger alarm status.

Ionization smoke detector is used for regions with the possibility of large fires normally creating small-size and invisible smoke particles.

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Photoelectric Smoke Detector

The operation of optical smoke detector is based on light scattering principle. These smoke molecules go into the detector chamber and deflect infrared rays sent from the transmitter to receiver. As a result, the electric current will decrease and the detector triggers the alarm.

Photoelectric smoke detector is used for regions with the possibility of smoldering fires normally creating the mid-size and visible smoke molecules.

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Heat Detector

Heat Detector is divided into two types: Fixed Temperature Heat Detector and Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector.

Fixed Temperature Heat Detector sends fire alarm signal when the ambient temperature reaches a threshold, usually 57°C, 93°C, 106°C.

Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector raises alarm when ambient temperature increases from 8°C to 9°C per minute.

There are also detectors which combine the two functions to increase the ability to detect fires. Heat Detectors are often used in many areas of smoke, dust... such as garage, generator room, kitchen,...

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3D Multisensor Detector

Some special areas require that fire detector must have high accuracy. To meet this requirement, manufacturers research to integrate both smoke and heat detection functions into one detector.

Smoke and Heat Detector will work as follow: data from the smoke and heat detector are analyzed together with time to determine the status of the alarm effectively and quickly, and avoid false alarm.

Smoke and Heat Detector is used for lab clean, high-tech machines, data centers medical office,…

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Projected Beam Smoke Detector

The operation of Projected Beam Smoke Detector is based on light scattering principle. Molecules smoke from the fire will create the phenomenon of light scattering, deflecting the path of infrared light from transmitter to receiver to generate alarm signal.

Projected beam smoke detector smoke differ from optical smoke detector is that beam detector has separate IR light transmitter and receiver. This allows beam detector to protect the much larger area than conventional optical smoke detector. Protection area of beam smoke detector can be up to 3000m2

Beam Detector is often used for factory, warehouse having large area.

dau do lua uv ir

UV & IR Flame Detector

The UV flame detector will receive ultraviolet with 185nm to 260nm wavelengths, while the IR will receive infrared with 1.0μm to 2.7μm wavelengths which emitt from the fire. UV-IR flame detector combine the analysis of ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths.

Flame detector are often used in fire having strong UV and IR radiation, such as petroleum, gas, and chemicals used in large areas containing oil pipelines, gas compressor and tank, the processing plants and oil refineries,...

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Linear Heat Detection Cable

Linear Heat Detection Cable will measure resistance of the cable which is changed by ambient temperature. When the temperature exceeds threshold, the system will alarm. Linear Heat Detection Cable is used conveniently in the areas in which we can not install the traditional heat and smoke detectors.

Linear Heat Detection Cable is applicable in the cable electricity tunnel and trunking, fuel tank, traffic tunnel, large indoor parking lot, conveyor of production line, inventory rack.

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