DX4700/4800 Series H.264 Hybrid Video Recorders

Product Features:

  • 1234Supports 2 Megapixel (MPx) IP Channels.
  • 8 or 16 Looping Analog Channels Plus 2 MPx IP.
  • Up to 30/25 Images Per Second (ips). Recording at any Resolution for IP Cameras up to 4 Mbps.
  • Up to 30/25 ips at 4CIF Resolution Analog Recording on DX4800.
  • Up to 4 CIF Recording Resolution, 704 x 480 (NTSC), 704 x 576 (PAL).
  • Up to 8 TB Internal Storage Capacity.
  • Up to 4 Audio Inputs and 2 Audio Outputs.
  • 1 Bidirectional Audio Output.
  • DX Series Client Simultaneous Connects to DX Series DVRs/HVRs.
  • Support for Coaxitron® and Pelco's KBD300A Keyboard for Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Control of Analog Cameras.
  • DX4700/DX4800 Series H.264 hybrid video recorders (HVRs) bring a new range of performance and capability to the Pelco DX Series product line.
  • Customers who have continued requirements for 8 or 16 analog cameras and want to expand their systems with megapixel IP recording, have a cost-effective solution in the DX4700/4800 Series. The ability to support two Pelco megapixel IP cameras, or Axis® cameras, gives customers new power and flexibility in their IP migration path. Due to native display resolution, IP streams may be viewed in standard resolution at the server and in megapixel resolution at the client.
  • DX4700/DX4800 Series HVRs give customers the ability to record at the speed and resolution they need. Both models record up to 30 ips on all channels. In addition, the DX4800 adds the ability to record full frame rate video at 4CIF resolution for all cameras. With this kind of recording power, previous analog investments gain extended life.
  • DX4700/DX800 Series HVRs provide unparalleled storage selections for systems in this class. With up to 8 TB of internal storage, you can overcome the higher storage demands of megapixel and high speed recording without sacrificing speed for resolution.
  • DX4700/4800 Series is full-featured and meets the needs of a wide range of customers. Retail, branch office customers, and others will benefit from its robust capabilities including the ability to capture and overlay ATM/POS text with video recording, access instant playback for quick investigative work, and the use of bidirectional audio for enhanced security.


The DX4700/4800 Series is perfect for those customers that want higher resolution images than analog cameras can provide for specific critical areas of their business. For example, cash-counting, cashiers, entry/exit, or high-value merchandise areas.

Client-to-server connectivity allows operation from a remote location and can connect to as many as 100 DX Series systems simultaneously. Up to 100 systems can be added to the DX Series client site tree. Multiple DX Series clients, running on dispersed computers, can host a variety of servers in their respective site trees. The DX Series client can operate multiple DX Series systems including DX4700/DX4800, DX4100, DX4500/DX4600, DX8000 and DX8100 systems. Each server supports five simultaneous remote connections. The DS ControlPoint client can be used to simultaneously operate any of the current DX Series systems as well as any Integral or Digital Sentry DVR/HVR.

The DX4700/DX4800 Series provides valuable audio recording capabilities for those applications where policy and legislation allow. Bi-directional audio is an excellent tool for training or for an increased security presence. With up to four audio inputs and two audio outputs, full recording, search, export, and playback capabilities are available at the server. All capabilities are available at the client except for playback on Pelco IP cameras.

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