Perimeter Security System

bv hang rao

Fence Detection System

Sensor cable is tie wrapped to a chain link fence having dozens to hundreds of kilometers where it detects vibrations from any cut or climb and precisely locates the point of intrusion with an accuracy within 10 ft (3m). The system is able to ignore the nuisance alarms caused by rain, wind or vehicle traffic.

This system is ideal to protect the country boarder, or prohibited military areas of infiltration.


chon ngamBuried Cable Detection System

Sensor Cable is buried along a facility’s perimeter in soil, asphalt or concrete, not hinders other activities in protected areas. When someone enters protected areas, the system will alert compromised position with an accuracy within 3 meters. The system is not affected by environmental conditions such as wind, rain, snow and other small animals.

This is ideal to protect perimeter of wide areas such as museums, palaces and ancient ... combined with the camera system to trace the intrusions.

bo thu phat microwaveMicrowave Sensor System

Microwave beam from transmitter to receiver ranging 100 to 500 meters will protect perimeters of airport, outdoor freight yard, electrical switch-yard… When someone penetrate through the microwave beam, the system will alert the center station.

In addition, to increase reliability, reduce false alarm, the system allows to install two transmitters and two receivers in protected area to detect the cattle crawl, jump or climb. The system also allows for rapid deployment by mounting the transceiver on tripod to protect the means of mobility such as airplanes, trucks carrying high value goods.


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