Integrated Security System


Nowadays, besides the electrical, lighting, HVAC system... needs to ensure that normal activities, apartments, office buildings, government offices should be equipped with necessary security and safety system such as:

  • Intrusion Alarm System
  • Access Control System
  • Closed Circuit Television System
  • Fire Detection & Alarm System
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Elevator Control System
  • Building Management System

Normally the above mentioned systems are working independently, and due to being produced by many different manufacturers, the systems are only linked together through simple contacts NO/NC. Neither general standard of integration nor management causes incompatibility between systems, makes the system unstable operation, and arises error leading to the building management to become more complex and to increase routine maintenance costs.

  Ourstanding features

Management of alarm system: setting up the graphical layout of the alarm system for easy management and control, saving labour and time. In case of alarm, graphical layout will display the status, location, alarm levels by various colour.

Management of access control system: configuration, allocation of permission and management of identification cards, acknowledgement of the access status of personnel and customer on the graphical layout.

Design and print identification cards: the system allows the design and printing of identification cards of personnel, customers and store in the human resource management and IT’s database.

Guard tour patrol system: the system allows defining the reader as the check point of the guard tour patrol process. Advantages of the system compared with conventional patrol system is to stipulate patrolling time and route, online display and the system will also alert if the security guards implement wrong scheduled time and routine.

Management of CCTV system: supports many features such as controlling PTZ camera, live viewing, playback, sharing pictures, and logged events to report on the computer, search for pictures relating the events, times, and motion, etc.

Interface with other systems: interfacing with BMS, fire alarm of the building through open Application Program Interface (API) to meet the expanding demands of different applications to customers with written application code for modeling in Visual Basic, C + + and C #.

Capability of Integration: system integration increases security levels while ensuring no nuisance to customers. The system automatically pan and tilt the camera to the positions of alert, fire alarm, people in the door and elevator and the video is marked as storage. Data of access control system support for optimal management of human resource, saving manpower.

Providing multiple levels of security for many users simultaneously. Providing detailed reports as well as the overall security of the system.


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