CCTV Surveilance Camera System

  General introduction

CCTV systems enable us to prevent crime by using the latest technology to survey the security of important areas, deterring criminal attempts or trespassing of properties and human lives as well as assisting in the supervision of activity investigation.

  Key components


 cac loai cameraWe offer variety of fixed camera, high-speed PTZ dome camera, IP and megapixel camera, network camera, Infra-Red camera, thermal imaging camera. Cameras are the main components of security system which is widely used in residential, industrial & commercial fields, public security, border security and severe environments like oil & gas, airport, seaport, mine, oil-rig …


Recording and storage devices

thiet bi ghi & luu truDigital Video Recorders (DVRs) are integral components in a complete security system. With the main function is recording video from cameras DVRs play an important role in security management and retain data for legal evidence purpose. There’re common recording and storage devices including Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Hybrid Video Recorder (HVR), Network Video Recorder (NVR) and Network Video Software (NVS) for PC. DVRs mainly use MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264 AVC, H264-SVC compression standard to save capacity of hard drive, and expand storage easily.

Video Management Software

he thong quan ly

Video Management System is a virtual matrix which runs on a network to carry information IP-encoded. In a digital CCTV system the analog video from the camera has to be converted to digital data for transmission over the IP network.

The switching of camera feeds to monitors and recorders is achieved by the video management software. The software, which is normally PC based, manages the control, administration and viewing of the live camera feeds and recorded video over the IP network. The software allows the operator, with the appropriate permissions, to view/analyze live and recorded video from any camera. Operator PC stations running the software can be located anywhere on the network which allows for the design of truly distributed systems. The network routes the data directly to the appropriate receiver, there is no central switch as with an analog matrix.

Video Management Software security surveillance become easily central management function, data access and analytics to verify the event including abandoned objects, illegal parking, shady behavior, object counting ...

Video Content Analytic software

Video Content Analytic software allows analysis of image content to identify events such as:

phan mem phan tich hinh anh
  • Abandoned Object Detection: Used for alarm generation when an object has been left in a busy scene (such as a suitcase in an airport or railway station), this feature is a key component in the timely management of dangerous situations
  • Intruder Detection: Detect and track people from entering protected areas in the premises, factory
  • Object Counting: count people when entering in/out of the area such as supermarket, shopping center
  • Crowd Control: detect the shady behavior, illegal parking, driving in the opposite direction or restricted road, etc. which is used in applied in public security management traffic monitoring
  • Removal detection: it can quickly identify when a particular item was moved or removed from the scene. This is applied in museum, gallery to detect the removal of a painting from the wall of an art gallery.

Solutions and applications

Video Security Systems are used in variety applications which could be a simple system with only one camera to a large system with thousands of cameras.

giai phap va ung dung
  • With only one IP camera, you can remotely monitor your home, office, or retail store by PC of mobile devices. A simply system consists of a 4-channel digital video recorder that could be used for home, office, retail store, utilities... Advantage of the system is that it requires a low cost entry point, enables to change the camera position according to actual requirements and is easy to use.
  • Average system that well suits for banks, factories, shopping centers, warehouses, education facilities, block of apartments with higher storage capacity and network monitoring requirements comprises about 20 to 50 cameras.
  • Complicated system could consist of thousands of cameras with many different functions such as pan/tilt/zoom, preset and pattern according to the program, video storage and video content analytics which are applicable for traffic control, public security, airport, seaports...


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