Access Control System


kiem soat vao ra1 Access control system is designed to manage and supervise the personnel, visitor in and out of the area from most of the field. Using advanced technologies vary by application from the low level of security and safety to the highest level such as touch card, proximity card, contactless smart cards and fingerprints. Also manufacturers incorporate many different technologies such as cards and PIN code or combination of card, PIN code and fingerprint at the same time.

Outstanding features

  • Supervise and control people in and out of the permitted area and time.
  • Timekeeping and attendance for personnel management.
  • Grant restricted right to access in and out of the important areas with scheduled time of day or week such as lab, server room, high value goods storage.
  • Interlock feature provides for opening second door after the first door was closed safely.
  • Anti-fraud of card: the system does not permit card to enter the area if the system has not yet recorded this card going out.
  • Control one by one into a certain area in order to avoid those who have neither card nor permission to take advantage of permitted person in or out the area.
  • For guest or visitor, the card only works in certain areas at the scheduled time depending on the permission allocated by manager.
  • Supervise and alert the monitored regions.
  • Control the use of elevators by reader in apartment buildings, hotels or office building.
  • Supervise the security patrol in protected building, hotel or office, factory

Management capability

  • Decentralized levels of security for many users at the same time.
  • The architecture of the system based on Client/ Server and TCP/IP allows to expand the management in various levels in many different positions.
  • SQL Server database support many different applications.
  • Supports multiple workstations connected to the server simultaneously.
  • Provide detailed reports as well as an overview of the system via E-mail, Web-browser.

  System components


ID Card

the  nhan dangID Card contains a code used to confirm the entry into the area. Cards are made mainly from PVC. At the present time, there are many different types of card technology, dimension and shape such as proximity card, smart card, fingerprint, etc.

Card Reader

dau docCard reader reads the cards and transfers information to the door controller. Corresponding to different types of cards will have different readers. Also the card reader can associate with different technologies into one card such as the card combined proximity with PIN code, smart cards with fingerprint, fingerprint and smart card combined with PIN codes, etc.

Door Lock

bo khoa cuaThere are many different types of locks used for many different types of door such as dropbold lock, strike lock, Electro-Magnetic lock, and other specialized types such as turnstile, barrier bar, tripod turnstile... The selection of door lock is based on the following four basic factors: type of door, the position of door, security requirement and aesthetic requirement.

Input Output Modules

Input module is used to monitor and control door opening. There are three main types below:

io module
  • The magnetic contact to monitor the status of door open or closed.
  • Exit button/Emergency button: Exit button to open the door from inside without the use of the card. Emergency button to open the door from the inside in case of system failure or emergency, fire.
  • Other equipment such as infrared detector is used to monitor any motion inside the area.
  • Output module is used to control peripheral devices such as siren, elevator, exhaust fan, etc


Door Controller

tu dieu khien

Door controller is considered the heart of the system. All other devices such as readers, door lock, input/output module, the computer are connected to the door controller. There will be receiving signals from the reader or input device and send control signals to open the door or reject the request.

Today with modern technology the door controller is integrated with other devices like network card that allows communication with other control panels or other systems through LAN/WAN.

Access Control Software

The software gives manager the ability to monitor the access control system online or offline, configure cards for personnel and guest and store all data about the activities of the system.

The capability of integration with other systems such as:

  • CCTV system: to increase high-level security supervising - a person is intentional or not permitted to enter in the area the system will activate the camera corresponding to this area and show the picture n the screen. The manager can view and grasp the situation promptly.
  • Fire alarm system: in case of fire the system will automatically unlock the door to help people quickly escape from dangerous area.
  • Intrusion alarm system: a graphical interface screen will display alarm position occuring.
  • Guard Tour: allow to define the position of patrol and supervise patrols of protection.
  • Photo ID: the software integrate with the ID card design, printing and management.
  • Open Applications Program Interface (API): designed for developers, the API allows the third parties to use source code and create application code for modeling in Visual Basic .NET, C++ and C#.


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