Designing - Supplying of Fire alarm & Fire-fighting Systems

T&T Security is specialized in the consulting of technical designs, supplying and installing of fire alarm and fire-fighting systems. From big-scale projects like airport, seaport, industrial parks, warehouses and bank facilities to your private house, we are ready to show up anytime you need.

The systems that we supply comprise of fire alarm systems and high sensitive smoke detection system, fire pump, foam fire suppression system, carbon-dioxide fire suppression system, FM-200 & Novec 1230 clean agent fire suppression systems, water spray system and water sprinkler system, and fire-fighting systems in the heavy industries, oil and gas, sea port and data centers, etc.

With international warranty standards and a 24/7 professional maintenance, T&T Security will be the most secure for your investment.

T&T Security is always at the front in the applying of the most modernized technologies and we are ready to adapt to the world’s current technical standards.

h1Fire Alarm System

Nowadays, it is essential to install fire alarm systems at all projects. The fire alarm system helps detect and prevent all fire accidents that may lead to great human and property losses.

h2High Sensitive Smoke Detection System

Using the technology of analyzing air particles by laser, the High Sensitive Smoke Detector system is able to detect a fire as soon as the preliminary signs of a possible fire take place. This system is usually installed at locations having high value equipment and assets.

h3FM-200 Fire Suppression System

Clean, colourless and inodorous, FM-200 gas is harmless to electronic gadgets and human health. Nowadays, FM-200 is amongst the most efficient fight-fighting substances and is used in many different areas.

h4Novec™1230 Fire Suppression System

A fire-fighting non-electrical conductive liquid compound with good thermal insulation quality, Novec™1230 is able to quickly kill a fire within 10 seconds before the flames can induce harms to equipment and machinery.

h5Foam Fire Suppression System

We design automatic foam fire suppression system comprising of FP, FFFP, AFFF, AR-AFFF, Hiex foam products for manufacturing areas and oil and gas facilities, adapting to different environments.


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