Basic system

Our intrusion alarm system is designed to automatically detect burglary objects or intruders, helping to assure human and enterprises property safety. Each system comprises of various tools specially built and selected to adapt to each individual protection demand.


dau bao kinh vo1. Glass-Break Sensor 

Glass-break sensor detects specific sound and waves from the action of breaking glass. It is used to install at front doors, windows…

cong tac khan6. Emergency Button

Emergency button can be installed wherever necessary in the house. It is easy to use to alarm in emergency or dangerous cases by pulling action. This is the best use for family with old people, children, cardiac patients or jewelry shops, banks in case of danger by thievery, attack...

dau do nhiet2. Heat Detector 

Heat detector is used to detect the rapid increasing of environment temperature exceeding the fire threshold. It is appropriate for the kitchen, the areas containing the engines, metal …

den coi bao dong7. Horn and Strobe

It helps to realize there’s an intrusion, fire or explosion so that the subscribers can avoid risk to their family or loss of assets.

dau do khoi3. Smoke Detector

Smoke detector detects rapid increasing of smoke concentration from the fire. It is well suited for fire prevention and fire fighting purpose in living-room, bedroom, warehouse…

do chan dong8. Shock Sensor Detector

Motion detector is installed to detect waves transmitting from sharks caused by hammering, drilling into wall, concrete, iron frame…  It is appropriate for high value property achieve rooms in banks, treasuries,…

bv vanh dai4. Perimeter Security Device 

Perimeter security device is installed to protect your home from perimeter and detect intruder by infrared rays dispatched continuously from the transmitter to the receiver. Wherever there’s an unexpected intrusion into the house the beam is cut and causes alarm immediately. It is appropriate for the fence around your house.

tu dieu kien9. Control Panel

Control panel can program, manage, arm and disarm system by private codes, and display operation status of system and alarming areas. Besides, it is capable to be connected by telephone lines or transceiver unit to transmit signals to alarm monitoring centers.

cong tac tu5. Magnetic Contact

Magnetic contact is used to detect illegal door opening or movement of value properties. It is well suited for doors, drawers.

dau do chuyen dong10. Motion Detector 

Motion detector can detect unexpected motions by infrared or radar. It allows recognizing human motions and rejects other false alarms caused by pets. These motion detectors are used to install indoor or outdoor the house, the office and the precinct.

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