Alarm Monitoring Services

Nowadays, along with development in economics, society and technology, criminal situations have increased and become more complicated, fires happen more often caused mainly from negligence in living, working or electrical malfunctions.

Before most of thievery cases of assets are small while they are now larger and more widespread. A common feature of these criminal actions is that they are sophisticated, daring and causes damage a lot to human being and properties.

Objectives of the thieves are mainly banks, jewelry shops, shipping centers, businesses, factories, processing zones, villas, private houses,… while risks of fire are always dangers to every facilities and projects.

With requests in safe and security needs and purposes to support crime prevention more effective T&T Security has studied and deployed successfully Alarm Monitoring Services. This is a creative protection service which operates based on combination between high technologies and response teams to detect and prevent acts of thievery, intrusion, risks of fire or assist in emergency cases.

gioi thieu moiIntroduction

When there is signal of illegal intrusion into your house or in case of fire... you will realize immediately without panic and then feel secure to face to because that you know exactly that there will be T&T’s Response teams, 113 Police, Local Police and Fire Police to assist you immediately.

nguyen ly hoat dong moiOperating principle

In case of detecting signals of intrusion or fire, devices installed at subscriber automatically transmit the emergency signal to the Alarm Monitoring Center via two-way wireless communication network or phone line. When we receive urgent signals, our response teams will co-ordinates with 113 Police, Local Police...

loi ichAdvantages of Alarm Monitoring services

When you have an alarm monitoring service watching your home, business you can be assured you, your family and your belongings are fully protected 24/7. You can be away from home a long time without any worry because our response teams will be at your home on time to support you in emergency cases.

ht bao dongBasic system

It is subject to conditions and requests of each customer that we will have our engineers to survey on site to design the best safe and security systems with low costs and high efficiency.

dang ky su dung dvTypes of communication services

There are three types of communication services: (1) Two-way wireless communication networks; (2) Internet; (3) Public Switched Telephone Network.

logo baominhProfessional Indemnity Insurance for Alarm Monitoring Service

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Alarm Monitoring Service is a legal liability insurance for any mistake in professional liability of the insured. The insurer will pay the third parties for any claim caused by negligence, fault or mistake of the insured or its employees.


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