video doorphoneMDS Audio/Video Doorphone systems are door intercom integrated with access control and security systems. These systems enable communication between visitors and home-owners, home-owner and guard unit, among home-owners, among guard units and between elevators and guard units. Beside door intercom function, VDS Audio/Video Doorphone systems allow open entrance by home-owner or guard unit. Home-owners or guard units can control central entrances. These systems also enable to program restricted accesses and connect with other security systems such as intrusion alarm, fire alarm as well as control light systems and elevators.




  • The system is controlled by a central processor unit.
  • Mange up to 9999 apartments.
  • 32 entrance accesses/restricted accesses: MDS Audio/Video Doorphone systems, guard units (maximum 10).

Access control system:

  • Access control function: enter PIN code from keypad from visitor call panels.
  • 32 entrance accesses/restricted accesses: proximity card readers, PIN readers, Radio reader, ...
  • Record up to 4000 incidents.
  • 1020 users.
  • Program and manage system by WincomPlus.

Security system:

  • 1000 input for intrusion alarm devices: magnetic contacts, smoke detectors, gas detectors,…
  • 1000 output for peripheral device control: light systems, air conditioner,...

Elevator control:

  • Call elevator for visitors from inside home.
  • Visitors come exactly to the floor that home-owner has called.
  • Home-owners can only come to floor allowed.

Extensive capacity:

  • It is possible to combine up to 63 central units – means 63 blocks: Lets you cover installations with a practically limitless number in general entrances and homes.


  • Panel Bus.
    • MDS Audio Doorphone system: 4 wires and shielded twisted pair.
    • MDS Audio/Video Doorphone system: 6 wires and shielded twisted pair + coax 75Ohm.


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